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The Illinois State chapter of the Delta Chi Fratermity is beginning to accept referrals. If you know some who you believe has the characteristics of a Delta Chi, please let us know by clicking here.

Alumni Bio -- Steven Reschke

Steven Reschke -- Spring Pledge Class of 1982
I currently serve as the Principal of LeRoy Jr./Sr. High School, where I have been employed for the past eleven years as a Social Science teacher and Asst. Principal prior to my current position. Previous to that, I served for 16 years in the US Army and Illinois National Guard as a Flight Engineer Instructor, being stationed in locations including Alaska, Saudi Arabia, Honduras, and various areas throughout the continental United States. In addition, I have seen combat during Operation Desert Storm.

Having joined and been heavily involved as an active member in the ISU chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity it has assisted me in several areas throughout the course of my post-college years. The leadership opportunities offered to me in Delta Chi have helped develop my abilities to communicate with diverse groups of people, increase my organizational skills, adapt to ever-changing environments, and to make difficult decisions that may be contrary to popular opinion. In fact, my years as an active have had an impact, some subtle, others profound, on nearly every aspect of my life. I would not trade those opportunities or memories for anything.

Why Should you be a part of delta chi recruitment?

This is a frequent question we are asked. Our answer is quite simple. We feel that as a group we offer an experience that is unmatched here at ISU. We value our diversity and actively recruit members who fit in well. More…

Members of Delta Chi -- Illinois State Chapter

President: Brian J. Reuhl Sam French Scott Preston
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